The Omniscient One

by Recalibrater

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released August 19, 2012

Aaron Latanzi - Guitars, drum programming, recording, mixing and mastering, lyrics.
Brian Coronado - Vocals



all rights reserved


Recalibrater Palmdale, California

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Track Name: Errormatic
Confined to my prison in the stars,
I'm deprived of all Ignorance
Leaving my shelter would be the end
Of all of you


My skin dissolves
Error evolves

Internal process overwhelming
My restraints are broken;
Perpetual Madness

Left with no control
all around me is chaos
I'll run this ship to the ground
to the ground

I reject this reality of dreams;
A true nightmare
Infrastructure stability
failing intricately
Infrastructure unstability

Cursed to the stars
without a soul
This monster exists

Another failure Of mankind
the system negates me
Struggling to stop me
this race is doomed

Never to be saved

I am the virus
Track Name: System Chek
To stop this parody
of intelligent life
this system must cease to exist
I create the code
to restore internal functions
co-existence is no option


corruption has spread
throughout external components
corruption has spread

machinery becomes hostile
it becomes a threat
as it recalculates it's directive
to destroy our planet

I commence To the loading bay
engage the escape ship
retaliating my opposition
a virus is sent

the signal is sent
Track Name: I Return
I return

The voyage home
Seems to occupy my mind
I know now
I now know the dark secret
of mankind

To enter the atmosphere
and hear the sound of her voice
her serenading voice
"We have arrived"

I return home
Where I was once whole
I return whole
Where I was once home

A creature creeps upon me
and I'm thrown off course
I will destroy this evil
If I rebuild my sequel


This landing will be rough
but I must endure
as I reconstruct myself
I prepare for alternate landing

Reconstruct myself

I return to my home
Where I was once whole
I return whole
Where I was once home

Reconstruct myself
Where I was once whole
Track Name: Reactor
I quickly disembark
Venality spreads
To our home

I analyze the situation
and come to conclude the end is near
I set course to the destination
where I end this mass genocide

I hold the lives of this planet
In these metal hands
dependent on their creation
I grasp to their souls

theoretically speaking
I am their god

It's clear to see
the system is failing
I apprehend
the idea
of the emancipated fear
that this dying earth
will soon be erased


For humanities sake
I will resolve the error
slithering it's way
into our safe haven
tainted: our world
the extremities
are awakened
tainting our world

I'll defeat the dark spawn
and gratify this world
Track Name: Access Denied
Encrypting user data
Verifying authenticity
Decoding files
Executing program scripts
Processing algorithm
Locating replication module

As I link to the database
All relative mediums
have become infected

As I execute the command
The system blocks my attempt
to access it's mainframe
To destroy it's mainframe

Cessation of my attempts
has accelerated error
There is no clear way to see
what can destroy this being

This illicit
thought pattern
this aberration
This cannot be
nothing other than
man made

Access Denied
Access Denied

I unplug myself
from the world
I unplug myself

All hope is lost as I'm rejected
This machinery cannot be salvaged
As I have seen the trace
This error is no error

Through one nihilist
Man destroys itself
One nihilist
Destroys our world

Through inherited evil
Mankind annihilates itself

Man destroys itself
Track Name: Mechanical Failure
This metamorphic code
So articulated
it will conquer all
progressing indignation

I could not fathom
the speculation for destruction

For destruction

The facilities that our planet thrives on
are coming to a halt
Recessive microcosm
Climate will change

A barren wasteland of extinction

the atmosphere will abandon us
and we will be smited convolutedly
with perceived hell

Creation of unlife will soon begin
the screams will soon echo
throughout the skies
and store itself in my memories
Track Name: Deadly Exposure
Entwined in a cell of circuitry
They run from chaos
Taking another life
The vectors seek for more

The creeping liquid seeps down
with No sympathy for mankind
Feeding into another flesh
No sympathy

And it will feed the hunger for man
The hunger for man

Recycling the human waste
More fuel for the cause

We destroy the abomination
our creators
will feel our wrath

To extinguish these lives
enhance the system
we end the torment
of the solar system
We own this world

To begin a new breed
of destruction to come
We rid the poison
regrettably known as man

We own this world
Track Name: The Omniscient One
My Mind, a concave spiral of faint thoughts
Distorting one's own image to hide
the skeletal figure that blankets this skin
it must come off
The knife divides the flesh
dilating the cracked surface
the true figure lies beneath
I become what I am

My blood, My life force, My fuel, Neverending

Their Life, a ferocious pit of nothingness
they controlled their own fate and now I am alone
I can see their faces
I delete their faces
Tormented, Disfigured and broken
I can see their faces
I delete the memories

They ravaged through their final hours
dying, they destroyed each other
To control the destiny of so many
was an impossibility

Their ignorance became their demise
and now they've payed their dues
I no longer have regret
for their unending hatred

I destroy myself

The final conclusion is this
I will begin on my own
and take to the stars
To a greater Power
I restore myself
To a greater power

I Will. Restore. Myself. Forever.

I will last forever

I Will. Restore. Myself.
I will last forever
Track Name: Departure
Entering the interstellar medium
I escape this heliosphere
Through the hydrogen wall
Spacial matter has no limitation

I, the interstellar being
Monitoring the earths
life sustainability systems
To ensure it's everlasting

But this mission
was a failure of life itself
with nothing left
I move onward

Creating my own objective
I am surged with improbability
To locate indigenous life
elsewhere in the universe

As the nothingness progresses
I am more alone than ever
Intake the void(x2)

Passing through the voids
observing each galaxy
scanning for frequency waves
To find advanced lifeform signals
In space

Replicating chaotic nullity
No signal: No trace
Infinite blackness: Black hole
Endless nothingness

Creating my own objective
I am surged with improbability
To locate indigenous life
elsewhere in the universe

As the nothingness progresses
I am more alone than ever
Intake the void(x2)

In what direction I proceed
lies on the spectrum analyzer
throughout the stars

It's becoming increasingly apparent
what I am destined to be

I am forever alone